Literature Courses

From introductory vocabulary to AP Literature & Composition

In his book, Five Minds for the Future, Howard Gardner, a professor of cognition and education at Harvard, discusses the kinds of “minds” needed going forward. One of these is the “creative mind.” These are people who develop new ideas that eventually get accepted by others.

Our inquiry-based classes are designed to help young people develop their ability to think critically and creatively. Unlike many other programs, we administer placement tests to ensure that students who take our courses are ready for the rigorous thinking required from them. Regardless of their grade level, our mission is to help them build the habits of mind that will take them through college and beyond.

To accomplish this, we involve our students in all aspects of language arts. Each course requires students to read classical, contemporary, print, and web-based texts. But readings are not treated as ends in themselves. Rather, they serve as springboards for student thinking and writing.

Our courses recognize that writing is more than self-expression – “thinking on paper.” Good writers possess a knowledge of the world that enlivens their prose. They demonstrate broad vocabularies and a solid command of the conventions of language and grammar.

We provide a language-rich environment and encourage our students to submit their writing for possible publication, enter writing contests appropriate for their age, participate in spelling bees, and join debate/public speaking clubs.

Reading & Writing

The Literacy Club(K-G3)
Elementary Literacy Level I(G3-4)
Elementary Literacy Level II(G4-5)
Elementary Literacy Level III(G5-6)
Middle School Literacy Arts(G6-8)

Specialized Writing Programs

Tadpole Writing ClubProvides an opportunity for young children to focus on the craft of writing (G2-3)
Literary LeapProvides additional support to older students whose reading abilities have outpaced their writing skills (G4-5)
Having Your SayStudents will learn about different rhetorical modes, how to write different types of essays, and essential building blocks of good writing (G6-7)
The Art of ArgumentDevelops student’s ability to conduct research, synthesize information from various sources, formulate and defend a position, and communicate their position effectively, both orally and in writing (G8-10)

Standard Exams Preperation

SAT Reading & Writing
ACT English
SSAT English
PSAT English
AP English Language & Composition