Math Courses

From ACT to SAT, Math Kangaroo to USAMO.

We provide after-school and weekend elementary, middle, and high school math enrichment programs for gifted students and students who love challenging math. Our programs help students compete successfully in regional and national math competition programs, including:

  • Math Kangaroo
  • The Continental Mathematics League – CML
  • Math League
  • Math Olympiads For Elementary and Middle Schools – MOEMS
  • American Mathematics Competition 8 – AMC8
  • American Mathematics Contest 10/12 – AMC10/12
  • American Invitational Mathematics Examination – AIME
  • Harvard MIT Math Tournament – HMMT
  • Princeton University Mathematics Competition – PUMaC
  • American Regions Mathematics League – ARML
  • United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad – USAJMO
  • United States of America Mathematical Olympiad – USAMO

We help students to improve their problem-solving skills and build a solid mathematical foundation by:

  • Stimulating their interest and enthusiasm for problem-solving,
  • Broadening their mathematical intuition,
  • and developing their brainpower!

We prepare our students for all kinds of standardized math exams, such as:


Math Competition Track

Competition Math ProgramsSystematic instruction based on our curriculum to build a solid foundation and solve challenging problems in national contests
CEM1Elementary Competition Math Level I
(Math Kangaroo G2-3, CML G2-3, etc.)
CEM2Elementary Competition Math Level II
(MOEMS-E, Math League G4, Math Kangaroo G3/4, CML G4-6, etc.)
CEM3Elementary Competition Math Level III
(MOEMS-M, Math League G5/6, Math Kangaroo G5/6, etc.)
CMM1Middle-School Competition Math Level I
(AMC8, Math League G7/8, Algebra I, etc.)
CMM2Middle-School Competition Math Level II
(AMC8, MathCounts)
CHM4High-School Competition Math Level I (AMC10)
CHM2High-School Competition Math Level II (AMC12)
CHM3High-School Competition Math Level III (AIME)
CHM4High-School Competition Math Level IV (USAMO)

Math Acceleration Track

Accelerated Math ProgramsTargeted in building math foundations and success in standardized tests such as AP, SAT, ACT, etc.
AEM1Accelerated Elementary Math Level I (K-G1)
AEM2Accelerated Elementary Math Level II (G1-G3)
AEM3Accelerated Math: Pre-Algebra (G3-G5)
AMM1Accelerated Math: Algebra I (G5-G6)
AMM2Accelerated Math: Geometry (G6-G7)
AHM1Accelerated Math: Algebra II (G7-G8)
AHM2Accelerated Math: Pre-Calculus (G8-G9)
AHM3Accelerated Math: AP Calculus (G9-G11)

Competition Preparation

Math Competition PreparationIntensive courses targeted for specialized competitions
Math KangarooG1-12, 6 sessions (spring)
Math LeagueG4-8, 6 sessions (spring)
MOEMS & CMLG4-8, 8-10 sessions (fall)
HMMTG7-11, 10 sessions (fall/spring)
AMC8G4-8, 8 sessions (fall/spring)
AMC10/12G6-12, 8 sessions (fall/spring)