Science Courses

From AP courses to science olympiads.

We provide after-school and weekend science enrichment programs for gifted students passionate about science. Our programs help students compete successfully in advanced national science programs, including:

  • Science Olympiad
  • USA Biology Olympiad – USABO
  • USA Physics Olympiad – USAPhO
  • U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad – USNCO
  • USA Computing Olympiad – USACO
  • National Science Bowl – NSB
  • Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair – Regeneron ISEF
  • Regeneron Science Talent Search – Regeneron STS
  • MIT THINK Scholars Program – THINK
  • American Computer Science League – ACSL
  • Advanced Placement – AP

Advanced Science Courses

Introduction to BiologyFundamentals of Biology (G5-8)
Introduction to ChemistryFundamentals of Chemistry (G5-8)
Introduction to PhysicsFundamentals of Physics (G5-8)
Introduction to Computer ScienceFundamentals of Computer Science (G5-8)
Advanced BiologyAP Biology (G9-11)
Advanced ChemistryAP Chemistry (G9-11)
Advanced PhysicsAP Biology (G9-11)
Advanced Algorithmic Programming in Computer SciencePost-AP Computer Science A (G9-11)

Science Competitions

USA Biology OlympiadTargeting for different levels of the USABO selection process
U.S. National Chemistry OlympiadTargeting for different levels of the USNCO selection process
USA Physics OlympiadTargeting for different levels of the USAPhO selection process
USA Computing OlympiadFocuses on algorithm writing and critical thinking skills necessary for USACO
National Science BowlReviews and studies all topics tested in the NSB
American Computer Science LeagueCovers all techniques and topics tested in ACSL contests

Science Fairs

Junior Science Olympiad & Science Fair
Advanced Science Olympiad & Science Fair